5 Things Every RV Newbie Must Know


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We’ve been in the RV Storage business for some time and by now we have seen it all. So to make sure you don’t get into trouble we’ve come up with the top 5 things every RV newbie must know when choosing a storage facility for your RV.

5 Things Every RV Newbie Must Know

  • 24 Hour Access 365 Days of the Year
    When you get your RV you want to have access to it all year round. You don’t want to get there at 4pm only to find out you can’t get access until noon the next day. You want it right there and then. So when choosing the perfect storage lot, make sure you have access to it whenever you want.
  • Going Cheap
    We get it, you just spent all this money on your RV and now you have to pay for storage too. Well trust us, going cheap doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll save in the long run. If it’s too cheap to be true then be wary! You want to make sure the storage lot you select goes the extra mile for you with services like road and grass maintenance, and snow clean-up. These things are important especially if you are not into pest infestation and rust.
  • Security?
    This is probably the important tip of all! You don’t want to get to the RV storage lot only to find out your RV has been vandalized or worse yet stolen! Do your homework – does the place look secure? Are there cameras? Is there a fence? Is there gated access? If you are unsure it’s probably better to turn away and find another place.
  • Access to a Sanitation Dump
    Do you really want to go looking for one? Make sure the facility you select has one in place. Trust us, it’s way more convenient this way!
  • On-site Customer Support
    Well this is a given but honestly not all places offer this. You want a place that will help you out when your tires need air or when you need to borrow a tool. A company that offers this is going above and beyond to make sure your experience there is a good one. So don’t settle, find a quality storage place that will give you its best.

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