7 Helpful RV Storage Tips

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We care about your RV and would hate for anything to happen to it while in storage. So after years of RV storage experience and research, we’ve compiled 7 tips to prevent your RV from any damage.

1. Clean your RV before storing it
Before putting your RV away for storage we recommend you give it a good wash and get it detailed. And if you are putting it away for a while then give it a good coat of wax. Wax not only protects your RV from sun damage but also makes cleaning it a lot easier. Waxing your RV also provides you the opportunity to inspect your RV seams and surfaces from any damage. Its better to catch it sooner than later!

2. No more bugs and rodents
Of all pests mice are the most destructive and troublesome especially in Alberta. Not only could you get quite sick from their droppings,but they’ll also destroy your RV. They can chew on your electrical wiring and hoses and shred upholstery. The best way to prevent them from choosing your RV as their home is to never leave food inside your RV.

3. Check Seals
Cracked or worn down silicon seams, caulking, and rubber seals can lead to severe water damage, and unfortunately water damage is one of the most expensive repair bills. So check these annually and repair any problems quickly.

4. Keep Moisture out!
Ventilation is so important in an RV. No ventilation and you’ll get mold growth and an unpleasant musty odor. The most practical way of keeping your RV ventilated is to open windows and doors. However, in the winter this is just not possible, so we recommend installing a vent. Rooftop vents are a good option because you can get a rooftop vent cover. They are designed to stop snow/rain from getting inside, but at the same time allowing for airflow.

5. Plumbing
If storing for the winter then you must remove all water from the plumbing system. This includes disconnecting your refrigerator’s ice making line, draining water from your hot water heater, etc. Then you need to fill your RV’s water lines with anti-freeze. Here is a great article with more information.

6. Store Your Battery
When leaving your RV for storage during the winter you must remove the battery – but before you do so make sure it’s fully charged. Keep your battery in cool dry place and check on it frequently. Remember, the battery life shouldn’t be less than 75%. If you are storing your RV in the warmer months for a short period of time then simply disconnect the battery to prevent self-discharge.

7. Tires
Winter conditions and leaving your RV parked in the same spot for a long period of time can cause havoc for your RV tires. Kal Tire recommends checking the pressure of your tires a couple of times throughout the winter to prevent flat spots. Kal Tire also suggests leaving a barrier between the tires and ground using cardboard or wood to keep the tires from deteriorating. For more info see here.