Have you checked on your RV yet?

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If you haven’t checked on your RV yet this year then you should! We are all busy and it’s easy to forget, but it’s worth it to check on your RV from time to time. It’s best to nip a problem in the bud before it’s too late (and expensive). Below are 5 things we recommend you look for when visiting your RV.

1. How are your tires?
Inspect your RV tires for any damage, and then check your air pressure levels. And don’t forget to check your spare tire!

2. Are there any mice droppings?
If there are then check this out! Be careful, mice droppings carry bacteria and viruses that can be potentially harmful to your health.

To prevent mice from ever coming into your RV you should make sure all external openings are covered. Mice are very sensitive to smells so placing dryer sheets on the floor near openings and under the sink can deter them from coming in. Mothballs are also good at repelling mice; you can place mothballs around the hitch and tires.

3. Are they any signs of water leaks?
If there are, repair it fast. The faster you catch it the less damage it can cause. Remember to check your seams before storing your RV for the winter – it’s always best to prevent a leak from happening.

4. Does it smell like mildew?
This can be due to a lack of ventilation. If you don’t have a vent for your RV you should consider getting one!

5. Have you taken your RV for a winter drive?
It’s important to drive your RV to relieve pressure from the part of the tire that was touching the ground. Driving your RV also prevents the tires from cracking and flat spotting.

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