Where did my license plate go?


camper storage

Did your licence plate bracket just break off? Unfortunately we have seen this happen all too often. Most plate brackets are made of cheap, flimsy plastic that is bound to snap off at any moment. In fact if you think it was stolen think again – it’s likely that your license plate broke off. So to prevent this from happening to you, try the following tips!

  • Don’t order another one! It’s likely to happen again.
  • Drill holes into the rear bumper and bolt your license plate to it. All you need is two screws into the bumper and you’re set. If you can, mount the license plate where it was originally.
  • Add silicone seals around each screw for extra security.
  • Be creative! In case you did buy another plastic bracket, mount the bracket upside down. This will bolt to the bottom plate holes. Then drill ¼ inch holes for ¼” by ¾” bolts with nuts and lock washers. You can then use a dremel tool to cut off the little tabs hanging below the tail light.

Once your license plate is securely fastened, you are ready to go RV’ing!

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